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At LBA we are always up to something.  See what new hotels we have opened and which properties have been renovated.  Enjoy the news about our President or Chief Operating Officer.  Take a look at our Inn Crowd newsletter celebrating the contributions our associates are making within their communities.

Amy Meshnick

As Vice President of Revenue Management, Amy works closely with the LBA revenue management team, setting strategic direction for the department and mentoring each person on the team to encourage continuous growth and excellence. Growing up as the eldest of seven children, she learned early on the importance of self-motivation and empowerment in effective teamwork.

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Christine Moorhead

After 30 years in hospitality, Christine knows one of the most important roles she plays in sales is that of company cheerleader. At LBA, she keeps her team in the game, driving revenue by motivating and encouraging everyone to do their very best – a natural fit for someone who grew up in an active,

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Dana Moreau

Throughout her career, Dana has sought to learn something new every day, looking to mentors, colleagues, family and friends for inspiration to become the effective leader she is today. While overseeing financial performance, associate development and guest satisfaction for her region, she draws on her experiences to lead her team to reach their highest potential.

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Josh Murphree

As Senior Engineering Manager, Josh believes his most important responsibility is to provide guidance and support to his team – a role he learned expertly from his father, a lifelong textile worker in upstate South Carolina. Whether carpentry, plumbing or electrical, Josh watched and learned from his father, developing very early on a skill set

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Elaine Myers

As Regional Director of Operations, Elaine is dedicated to building a dynamic team of professionals through hands-on training and development. Drawing on her own natural eagerness to succeed, she encourages associates to reach higher levels of success, which in turn fuels the continued growth and profitability of LBA. Elaine joined the LBA team in 2004

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Brenda Osborne

As a Regional Director of Revenue Management, Brenda knows the key to success is hard work and determination – that of the individual and of the team they have working alongside them. Fully embracing LBA’s core values and culture of continuous growth, she is dedicated to achieving the best top-line results for each unique hotel

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Denise Parrow

As Regional Director of Revenue Management, Denise applies her extensive experience in operations to the challenge of maximizing revenue. Behind the numbers, she values and shares LBA’s emphasis on personalized customer service and building relationships. It was while working in a nursing home rehabilitation center Denise saw firsthand the importance of developing genuine relationships in

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Mary Rickert

Mary’s priority as Regional Director of Operations is to provide a positive influence on her team. As a mentor and a leader, she has followed the advice of her grandparents throughout her 23-year career with LBA, encouraging creativity, individuality and, above all, integrity among her associates. Mary joined LBA in 1996, quickly discovering her passion

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Melanie Shammout

In an increasingly competitive lineup, Melanie works to develop and implement a showstopping digital sales and marketing strategy that keeps LBA and its portfolio of properties in the hospitality spotlight. It is a task that is part art and part science, but like any great performance, Melanie knows it is all about the audience. Entering

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Hannah Theissen

Hannah Theissen lives by the saying “everything happens for a reason,” a philosophy reflected in her admirable ability to reframe difficult experiences as potential sources of growth and insight. In January 2023, Hannah joined the LBA team as Regional Director of Digital Marketing. Hannah focuses on optimizing hotels’ online channels and driving incremental revenue through

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