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Welcome to the News & Press hub at LBA Hospitality, your go-to place for all our exciting updates and accomplishments. Here, we share stories of new openings, celebrate our renovations, and highlight the team efforts that keep us growing. Each update is a snapshot of our promise to deliver exceptional experiences. Discover how we’re leading the way in hospitality and making a positive impact on our communities. From the launch of a new hotel to major revamps, get all the latest from LBA Hospitality right here, told in stories that connect us all.

Farrah Adams

From the very start of her career with LBA, Farrah flourished in the nurturing environment created by the company’s core beliefs, philosophies and associate focused policies. Her roles and responsibilities have changed over her 20-year tenure with LBA, but one thing has remained constant – a top-down commitment to putting associates and guests first. Farrah

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Beau Benton

As president, Beau is all about people – motivating them, inspiring them, and helping them reach their full potential at LBA. Given his background, some might assume he is a “numbers guy,” but even as a public accountant, he was more interested in finding the value behind the numbers. Leading the executive team in shaping

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Judy Cluck

As the company’s sales and marketing leader, Judy knows how to inspire the team to discover their voice and thrive as part of the LBA family. It is a natural ability born of her close-knit family of seven in small-town Iowa, unleashed as captain of her high school cheerleading squad, and honed to perfection over

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Bill Davis

Overseeing commercial development for LBA, Bill draws on more than 25 years of operational and project management experience and lessons about faith, family and leadership he learned from his father. Starting each day at 3:30 a.m., he leads by example to promote overall growth and ensure success of the company’s portfolio of properties. Prior to

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Sharon Powel

Everyone who works with LBA comes to know and appreciate the unique qualities that set the company apart from the rest. But no one understands the “LBA difference” better than Sharon, who was LBA Hospitality’s very first associate, hired in 1983. In the 36 years that have followed, the company has grown, and Sharon has

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Stephen Smith

Stephen brings with him a wealth of accounting experience to lead LBA’s companies towards financial success. Inspired each day by the company’s family culture, Stephen guides his team by sticking to the LBA philosophy of good morals, high standards, and always expecting the best from everyone. Stephen began his accounting career at Flowers Hospital in

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Merrily Strickland

As Regional Director of Sales for LBA Hospitality, Merrily Strickland believes her first responsibility is to her associates. Merrily’s father, was an important role model in her life. She says that his ability to communicate and connect with his family and community inspired her as a leader in her career. Merrily graduated with a Bachelor

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