Beau Benton

As president, Beau is all about people – motivating them, inspiring them, and helping them reach their full potential at LBA. Given his background, some might assume he is a “numbers guy,” but even as a public accountant, he was more interested in finding the value behind the numbers. Leading the executive team in shaping the company’s vision, direction and culture, Beau knows it is their people who give LBA its true value.

Prior to joining LBA, Beau spent 14 years in public accounting with a regional CPA firm, the last four as a principal. Working primarily with entrepreneurs, he excelled at identifying business value and pinpointing key drivers that could impact that value. He worked diligently to find ways to either unlock that worth or help successfully transition the business to future generations – a characteristic that serves him well at LBA.

In 2005, Beau joined LBA, finding a perfect home for the strong work ethic and integrity instilled by his father and wholly embraced by the company. As president, he proudly manages the leadership process, inspiring people to think for themselves and welcoming them to be a part of every decision. Beau believes that helping associates develop their potential and achieve all they can – for themselves and the company – is what makes LBA great. He takes great pride in the LBA team being recognized with awards from Hilton and Marriott – clear evidence they are moving the company forward, together.

Away from the office, Beau likes to disconnect and spend quality time with family and friends. He loves nothing more than downtime with this family, whether traveling, on the water or at their home on Florida’s gulf coast.


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