Sharon Powel

Everyone who works with LBA comes to know and appreciate the unique qualities that set the company apart from the rest. But no one understands the “LBA difference” better than Sharon, who was LBA Hospitality’s very first associate, hired in 1983. In the 36 years that have followed, the company has grown, and Sharon has grown right along with it. With a strong work ethic instilled by her parents and the belief that a person can do whatever they put their mind to, she has built on the foundation for success that has been in place at LBA since day one.

As Vice President of Administration and New Development, Sharon makes expert use of her nearly four decades of experience and keen eye for detail. Serving as liaison between attorneys, bankers and partners, she administers a variety of legal processes for LBA, including management contracts, franchise applications and setup of new entities. Sharon also oversees property/casualty and group insurance and corporate payroll functions and provides executive administrative support to LBA CEO Larry Blumberg.

Once considered a fairly talented pianist, Sharon enjoys music and loves spending free time with her husband of more than 40 years and their five-year-old goldendoodle, Cooper.


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