Jeff Busch brings more than 29 years of comprehensive expertise to his role as Regional Engineering Manager at LBA, where he meticulously oversees property maintenance across Maryland, Coastal Georgia, and The Carolinas.

Jeff’s career began in the manufacturing industry at Colgate-Palmolive, where he honed his technical skills as a line operator/mechanic. Later, he worked for eight years as Area Director of Maintenance in the apartment industry, then ventured into the senior living sector as a Maintenance Supervisor.

A nine-year tenure as an Area Director of Engineering at two prominent Hampton and Hilton properties in Columbia, SC, showcased Jeff’s exemplary leadership. His strategic vision and hands-on approach significantly reduced outsourcing costs and spearheaded capital projects. Jeff’s dedication to teaching and training engineers to excel in their roles underscores his belief in the importance of professional development.

Guided by his father and brother’s wisdom, Jeff navigates challenges with unwavering resolve. His HVAC and CPO certifications and winning the President’s Award at Colgate-Palmolive attest to his technical proficiency and commitment to excellence.

Nomads at heart, Jeff and his family sold their house to travel full-time through the Carolinas, exploring the great outdoors in their 43-foot fifth-wheel camper. Jeff’s adventurous lifestyle supports a hands-on approach to management as it allows him to visit his properties in person. Alongside his wife and two children—a 20-year-old who works as a front desk agent in hospitality and a 13-year-old who attends school virtually—Jeff traverses the region, fostering professional and familial bonds.


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