Hannah Thigpen, CHDM

Hannah Thigpen lives by the saying “everything happens for a reason,” a philosophy reflected in her admirable ability to reframe difficult experiences as potential sources of growth and insight.

In January 2023, Hannah joined the LBA team as Regional Director of Digital Marketing. Hannah focuses on optimizing hotels’ online channels and driving incremental revenue through paid-advertising strategies to move LBA forward in a competitive market.

With a background in e-commerce management, Hannah brings a wealth of marketing knowledge to her current role at LBA. Prior to starting her career in hospitality, she attended Eastern Kentucky University, earning a degree in Marketing Research and Analytics. Hannah also obtained a certificate in Supply Chain Management during her time at EKU.

Hannah’s determination was put to the test in her previous position when the only two people on her team (other than Hannah) departed, leaving her solely in charge of operations for a period of time. Faced with mounting responsibilities, which seemed daunting at first glance, she persisted—critically developing both on a personal and professional level as a result. Hannah’s tenacity paid off; the time ultimately proved to be a major turning point in her career.

Hannah leads an adventurous lifestyle, with her favorite outdoor activities including kayaking and hiking. On the weekends, she reads reviews to uncover new restaurants and coffee shops in nearby Chattanooga. When she is at home, Hannah can often be found flipping through cookbooks for new recipes to try.


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