LBA Hospitality Reaches Two Milestones Celebrating 50 Years in the Hotel Industry and 100 Hotels to Start the New Year

Today we have reached two exciting milestones in the company’s history. We are celebrating 50 years in the industry. With the recent addition of five new third-party management contracts, we now manage 100 hotels across the Southeast United States and into the country’s Northeast area. The five new hotels are:

“We have grown by the mantra that we only want to be as big as we can be good,” said Beau Benton, President of LBA Hospitality. “Our focus has always been on caring for associates and guests, and growth would happen organically. We have been fortunate to partner with some great ownership groups. These most recent additions with BPR Properties and Cherry Cove Hospitality are a testament to that. In addition to the milestone of 100 hotels under management, this is LBA’s 50th year in the hospitality business. I believe that staying grounded in our principles has paved the way for our success and will allow us to continue to grow for the next 50 years.”

At LBA Hospitality, the mantra ascribed many years ago still applies today – “we stand out because of what is inside!” The company culture is what separates LBA from the rest, and it starts with its people. The growth and tenure of the company are celebrated by the company’s 2,600 associates in 12 states. LBA’s teams are curated with people who love what they do, and they hire leaders who honor teamwork and respect each other. The company is a trusted and respected management team because of its people. LBA Hospitality consistently ranks as one of the top hotel management companies in the country, with affiliations with leading brands, including Marriott, Hilton, IHG, and Best Western.



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