John Palys, CRME

Stepping into his role as the Regional Director of Revenue Management at LBA in June 2023, John Palys offers a distinctive viewpoint honed from diverse industry experience. His primary responsibilities encompass revenue management supporting several hotels across the LBA footprint. Believing that “teamwork makes the dream work,” John emphasizes collaboration in the pursuit of LBA’s goals.

 While John began his academic journey in Hospitality Management at Mercer County Community College in New Jersey, it was his varied practical experience that shaped his unique perspective on hotel management. He entered the hospitality industry with a focus on revenue management, a journey that saw him navigate a spectrum of hotels, brands and markets. After five years at a revenue consulting firm, John worked with a hotel management company managing properties from California to Florida.

 John’s career highlights include earning certifications across multiple brands and becoming proficient with various independent systems. One of his proudest accomplishments is achieving the Certified Revenue Management Executive (CRME) certification. Always looking to expand his skillset, John further earned a real estate license in Pennsylvania during the pandemic. These credentials showcase his drive, adaptability and deep understanding of the hospitality industry.

 In his spare time, John indulges in his love for the outdoors, hiking in local woods, or spending quality time with friends over a board game. On weekends, he prefers to unwind, cooking out for friends and family, while relishing downtime with his girlfriend and their two cats.


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